The Story of Treasure Island


The novel is set in the eighteenth century in a small village in Cornwall, south west England. Except for three chapters the story is told by Jim Hawkins, whose mother runs a pub. The house specialty is rum. It probably comes from the Caribbean. But who knows?

rum barrel

Jim's world is dramatically changed by the arrival at the pub of an old alcoholic sailor. The sailor's real name is Billy Bones, but he tells everyone to call him Captain. One day a blind man delivers a mysterious message to Billy. The message consists of the Black Spot, which according to pirate custom brings bad luck to whoever receives it.

black spot

Indeed, the following day Billy Bones suddenly dies.

treasure map

The map

Jim and his mother search the dead Captain’s sea chest and discover the map of a remote island. The map also shows the location of the fabulous pirate treasure. When the pirates learn of Billy's death they attack the pub in order to get hold of the map. But before they can do so Jim and his mother escape with the map.


Together with the village doctor and magistrate, Dr Livesey and the local squire, Trelawney, they decide to rent a ship, the Hispaniola to sail to the island. Amongst the seamen they recruit is the ship's cook Long John Silver, an old sailor with a wooden leg who holds great power over the crew.

long john

The island

The ship finally arrives on the island which is inhabited by the eccentric Ben Gunn, abandoned on the island three years earlier. Benn Gunn joins Jim, Livesey and Trelawney's group in the fight against the pirates led by Long John Silver.

desert island
treasure chest

The story becomes increasingly more complex and exciting as both groups try to find the treasure. By the time the treasure is discovered most of the original crew of the Hispaniola have either been murdered, killed in battle or fallen victim to disease. Even Long John Silver disappears. Only five men plus Jim Hawkins are still alive, so the Hispaniola returns to England with the treasure. It's time for a celebration!

bottle of rum

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